Our Kindergarten program builds a basic foundation with skills necessary to function in future years.   Our mission is to provide a distinctive Christian environment where we can establish the roots to grow and the wings to fly.  The children are encouraged to participate in developmentally appropriate work habits, problem solving skills and attitudes necessary to a successful path as a life long learner.

The Kindergarten child learns through active participation in experiences that are purposeful and meaningful.  Integrated language/arts activities, phonics/reading instruction, writing, speaking, listening, and activity centers for the exploration of math and science.  Work jobs and learning centers are used to foster independence and cooperation.  The use of Singapore Math method allows students to move progressively through established mathematical concepts, reasoning and word problem solving.  Use of a phonics program which incorporates visual, auditory and physical movement accelerates reading instruction.  Sight words are introduced early in the reading/writing program.  As children begin writing sentences, creative writing develops systematically.  Spanish, as an introduction to learning a second language is integrated into the overall program through once a week group instruction and daily songs and games.  The Kindergarten program is rounded out with weekly classes taught by trained specialists in Music and Physical Education.