Pre Math Skills

Block building allows development in fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, properties of materials, symmetry, balance, problem solving, sorting, creating and repeating patterns, naming shapes, exercise imagination, cooperation, experimenting with representational structures and explaining the use of them to others, and working in a group.

In the manipulative area children learn eye-hand coordination, fine motor development, matching, identification of color and shape, abstract thinking, patterning, predicting, symmetry, sequencing, stringing, lacing, how to build on previous experiences, use of appropriate language, cooperative play, perception and to develop the process of visualizing an idea and bringing it to fruition.

Through sensory play our children learn to strengthen small motor muscles, rotate wrist by scooping and pouring, estimation, standard and non-standard measurement, eye-hand coordination, practice language skills, work cooperatively, approximation and to enjoy the sensory feedback of different materials and textures.