Creative Movement

The main goal of this exciting program is to provide joyful experiences that will ultimately encourage children to develop fitness, a strong core and ability in movement for a lifetime. Good posture is stressed for excellent health, balance and appearance.  It is of utmost importance for each child to develop confidence and a good sense of self-esteem. We enjoy units in gymnastics, body awareness, movement exploration, rhythm, interpretive dance and international folk dance.  An elementary concept of fitness and the heart is discussed. Lead-up activities to rope jumping, soccer, tennis and softball are introduced.  The use of beanbags, hoops, balls, parachutes, scarves and lollipop racquets are used to stimulate fun and learning as well as eye/hand coordination.

The children learn to develop a sense of spatial awareness, coordination of large muscles, stimulate brain development by crossing all midlines, experiment with being a leader and a follower, form an understanding of what their bodies can and cannot do, express their feelings through body movement and respond to auditory and visual stimuli.