Children learn through play, observation and experience. Therefore we design our curriculum with the developmental stages of each age group in mind but we know that all children develop skills when they are ready to do so, and with that also in mind, we give each child the possibility to develop at their own pace. Each day is planned to offer developmentally appropriate activities.

The daily schedule enables each child to be secure in the routine which includes free play, outdoor time, nutritious snack and circle time. The children are given opportunities to choose to play individually, in small groups and large groups building self-awareness, social and negotiating skills.

Snack time is eaten in a family dining routine with the teachers participating, where all say grace and thank the child who has provided snack. The children serve each other and pour their own juice. They learn table manners, taking turns in conversation, labeling, experience new foods, the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves as they finish and to enjoy meal times.