• Provide opportunities for learning the concepts of the Christian faith
  • Encourage prayer to express needs (acceptance, forgiveness, protection); feelings (love, joy, peace, trust); and thankfulness
  • Celebrate the principal festivals of the church year
  • Promote Christian living with peers, family members and others


  • Teach respect for self and others
  • Promote independence
  • Encourage positive interaction and friendship


  • Accept each child as an individual
  • Encourage pride in self and self accomplishments
  • Celebrate individual achievement


  • Develop oral and written communication skills
  • Express individual creativity and develop an appreciation for the creativity of others
  • Develop logical and mathematical thinking and problem solving skills


  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Provide recreational and physical fitness activities
  • Encourage good personal hygiene


  • Communicate program objectives to parents
  • Provide on-going opportunities for parent/teacher communication
  • Inform school, church, and community members about St. Paul Christian School’s activities and accomplishments
  • Provide forums for parent education